Welcome in our portal Tour in Tuscany. Tour in Tuscany is a trademark of Antologia Viaggi, a long-lived travel agency placed in Pistoia, right in heart of the Northern Tuscany, and well-established in its territory.
We're pleased to propose you some interesting tours discovering the main features and treasures of our wonderful region saw through the eyes of those who live there. W'll let you enjoy and appreciate not only the wonderful Florence, Pisa and Lucca, famous all over the world for their celebrated marvelous artistic masterpieces, but also the less well known towns of Pistoia, San Miniato, Vinci, rich in history and old traditions. Tuscany is also a land of ancient country parish churches and wonderful solitary abbeys... Go through the exciting experience of discovering these enchanting hidden beauties!
Our tours are designed to allow you to appreciate every detail of your stay in Tuscany: not only the artistic treasures, but also the tasty typical Tuscan food, the world-famous wines, the old traditions and arts and crafts, the sport and wellness in the green Tuscan countryside... To tickle and please all five senses! You can't stay in Tuscany without seeing the Michelangelo's David and tasting the famous "ribollita", a typical savory soup full of all Tuscan flavors.


Come with us  and try to match the fantastic experience of steam trains with a relaxing stay in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna!

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